Welcome to Zanfeld Jewellery, where our collections of gorgeous sterling silver and 14k gold gemstone jewellery and electroformed silver sculptures will astound you.

Zanfeld is a factory of fine jewellery made of silver with 14k gold and semiprecious stones. Its production is based in Taxco, Gro, Mexico. Zanfeld meets all the highest standards demanded by fine jewellery, due to the valuable knowledge of the Zang Family that are now in their 6th generation at the bench.

Founded in 1987, ZANFELD synthesizes all the experience and enthusiasm of Guillermo Zang and his son Israel Zang who work side by side and combine a lifetime of expertise.
Throughout the years they continued designing Zanfeld’s signature collections and all the while gaining popularity in the U.S.A.

As Spratling introduced the handmade production of Taxco to the US market, Guillermo Zang introduced the precision mechanics and casting techniques to Taxco, giving the opportunity to compete in design and quality with Italy and US jewelry.

Guillermo added to his growing list of accomplishments, electroformed silver sculptures. To this day all of the sculptures have been designed by artists recognized worldwide and himself, and are handcrafted by the factory amazing team of craftsmen.

We at Zanfeld continue to pride ourselves on the quality of our creations and the unique techniques we have developed overtime that has set us apart from other manufacturers.

Unlike the stereotypical “factory”, ours does not mass-produce it’s pieces with machines, only the finest human craftsmanship.

At our factory, we work with both RHINO 3D program prototypes that we design, as well as handmade prototypes. We strive to create the perfect balance of classic silversmiths techniques ad technologically advanced techniques, without taking away that special something that can only be found in handmade art forms. We ensure that every piece that we make is done by hand by our skilled silversmiths and polished to perfection.

Aside from our factory in Taxco, Mexico, we also have our head office where we develop new collections in Northern Israel. Israel Zang and his family moved to Israel ten years ago in order to grow the business overseas and has since managed the main office and traveled often to Taxco to ensure the work between the factory and main office remains seamless.

Our collections feature sterling silver earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants, all designed and created by Zanfeld Jewellery in different styles and techniques, and using various materials and stones.

The collections we offer will astonish you with a broad variety of choice from luxury to minimal art, baroque to classics, simplicity as well as sophistication. Everyone can find a piece for their own taste and style, for everyday, or for a special occasion!

Our core motivation is to ultimately satisfy you, our customer. We hope you enjoy our new website with our classic collections and our new additions as well!