precious metals

We are Silversmiths

Zanfeld collections jewellery are primarily made with 925 sterling silver, and occasionally 14k and 18k yellow gold.

We are deeply committed to traditional technologies of casting and manual treatment, as well as thorough manual polishing and finishing.

Our silver jewelry is classic, and always of premium design and craftsmanship.

Silver in its Natural State

Contemporary jewelry manufacturers usually plate silver jewelry with rhodium. This technology creates a solid layer on the surface of the piece, protecting the silver (which is a good thing) but it is also changing the silver’s color (which, we believe, is very bad).

We think that you should see and feel the surface of a precious metal when wearing your jewelry. That’s why we don’t use any coating or plating. When it’s required by design we use an oxidized finish on some of our silver items to give them a darker, or blackened look.