Like every designer, we would like our jewelry to bring their wearers happiness and joy for many years to come. Delicate handling and proper care will provide your pieces from Zanfeld collections of jewelry a long life.

Here are a few tips for caring for your Jewelry:

Preventing Structural Damages:

Always take your jewelry off when engaging in sports, taking a shower, going in a sauna, or swimming pool, and before going to bed.
Iodine, chlorine and their compounds, mercury and copper salts, as well as high temperatures may have negative impact on precious metals.
Jewelry with turquoise and pearls may change their colour after contact with soap, perfumes, hot water, acetone and acids. Therefore, you need always to take off your jewelry before any domestic work ,or when you use detergents with iodine or chlorine.
The same applies to the usage of creams and ointments — contact with cosmetics may cause appearance of dark spots on the metal.
Also be very careful when taking radon baths for treatment — they may cause the worst impact on the metal surface.

Preventing Damage to Gems:

Some gems become damaged after being in the light for a long time. To prevent that from happening, we recommend that you keep your jewelry in a lightproof box.
All items with natural gemstones should be also protected from extreme change in temperature.

Cleaning your Jewelry:

The best care for your jewelry is to clean them with special “jewelry cleaner wipes”. If you notice scratches, take your items to the jewelry shop for professional cleaning and polishing.